5 Common Mistakes New Drivers Make

Are you a new learner? Looking to procure your driving license ? or perhaps you have just got it; whatever it be, driving can still be a nerve-wrecking experience.

Some new drivers use dangerous driving tactics neglecting safety rules imparted by the driving schools in Dandenong, while others admit that they never ignore the road safety rules. Whatever it be, here are 5 common driving mistakes which you should look to avoid especially if you are a new driver.

Not Keeping A Safe Distance

One of the most common but crucial mistake new drivers make while driving is not to maintain a safe enough distance. According to the ideal rule you must keep at least 2-3 car space distance (apprx. 10 meter) from the car in front. If you are driving in the city, the safe distance should be 5-7 car space (apprx. 15 meter). And if you’re driving in a bad weather condition or on slippery road, then tray to maintain a 9-10 car space (apprx. 20 meter) gap.

Initially, it may seem like a lot of space. But this is essential because in case the car ahead of you loses control or gets into a collision with another vehicle; you can get ample time to avert it.

Keeping A Check at Driving Speed

This can be regarded as one of the biggest driving mistakes committed by young drivers. The excitement and thrill of your newly borne-skill can get the better of you making you drive at a high speed. This could often lead to a fatal accident. That’s why the all the qualified driving instructors recommends to keep a proper check on your driving speed is important.

Besides, some specific zones like schools, hospitals and colleges specifically require you to slow down, else this could lead to legal issues.

Forgetting To Use Turn Signals

Turn signals are used to let other drivers aware of your intentions to make a turn, merge or reverse-turn. So, when driving, it is important to use them smartly, and whenever necessary.

Doing so will allow the other drivers to give you space so that you can do whatever you intend to. Alternatively; you will come across some drivers who will refuse to give you and let you into the lane. Never take it personally or look to challenge them by putting yourself in danger. Allow them to pass so that you can turn or merge safely once they have passed.

Not Cleaning or Adjusting The Screen Viewers

Whether a new driver or not, you always need to make sure that all your viewing mirrors are properly cleaned and adjusted. Any driving school in Dandenong would teach you how to adjust the mirrors to get an accurate estimate of how far or adjacent are the other cars from you.

Not cleaning or adjusting your screen will prevent you from seeing other cars trailing you. This can lead to wrong proximity adjustment and consequently increase chances of running into collisions.

Not Watching Blind Spots or Intersection Light Time

A lot of new drivers fail to check for blind spots very often. Don’t make this mistake. What you should look to do is be 100% sure that there is no car in your blind spot before you decide you move.

Another case is when drivers see the traffic light about to turn yellow, and they have to make a quick decision. whether to accelerate pass the lights or make a halt. Little do they know that either way; they are putting themselves (and others) in danger. Not to forget that; you may get a red-light ticket and be asked to pull over.

In case you are not fully aware of these rules, contact a reputed driving school instructor in Dandenong.