Driving Instructor

Why You Need a Professional Driving Instructor

People often have to endure quite failures only due to their wrong perception that they can pass the driving test without taking any assistance from a professional driving instructor. The thing is that there are various aspects of driving that we seem to neglect while driving. We may think that we are driving alright by using the seatbelt and driving within a certain limit, but since we are not aware of various rules and regulations of driving: we fail.

1 in 2 learners fail to pass the driving test in Australia, which begs the question that why there are so many failed attempts?

Many people are just not willing to spend some extra dollars, and then there comes the case of people who believe that they can learn the insights of passing a driving training test from their parents, brothers, or even their distant relatives. It is completely absurd since road laws and regulations change and people are just not aware of complications that there are.

You need a driving instructor for not your sake but also for the people around you – their safety needs to be your utmost priority once to place your hands on the car’s steering wheel. People often forget that they are accountable for a lot of lives, and many accidents occur due to rash driving.

Makes You Understand Your Responsibility

You feel like you just cannot drive fast, and put someone else’s life in danger. Teens out there seem to forget that majority of car accidents happen out there due to the negligence of drivers. The instructor will help you in controlling your rushing thoughts about driving fast or anything else.

Pass The Driving Test In First Attempt

Their expertise plays a pivotal role in getting you over the line in the very first attempt. There are some lucky people who pass the test on their first attempt without getting any training from professional instructors but then again – they are called lucky because they are few in number. The instructor will make it certain that you know all the essential insights, and they even give you small effective tips that really help in gaining the trust of a supervisor at the time of driving test.

Not Expensive

It is a matter of looking in the right direction, and if you look closely, you will find some reasonable driving schools in your area. One such example can be given of Mukul Driving School. They are best at what they do, and they are quite affordable in comparison to many other driving schools in the area. They are experienced, and they even offer the ‘no pass, no charge’ offer that can highlight their sheer self-confidence.

All You Need To Know Before Driving With Your Pet Dandenong

Australia is undoubtedly a dog lover country and most of the people here love to drive with their canine pets. However, when it comes to the safety and security of the dogs, you must abide by some rules and regulations for driving with your pets in Dandenong.

Many on duty officer-in-charges (road police), have said that they had seen many people driving their car with their dogs on their laps and even worse their paws putting on the steering wheel.

In such cases, if the dog accidentally comes in front of the eyes of the driver, the driver’s view is likely to get obstructed and it can cause a fatal accident.

The same consequence can happen if the dog suddenly gets down to the accelerator and accidentally press it. The running car can go out of control within an instance and meet with an accident.

Anyway, let’s concentrate on the rules and regulations of travelling with your canine companion here listed out by our qualified driving instructor in Dandenong to make sure that you can stay away from the legal restraints at every cost.

The Basic Rules Include –

  • The driver should never drive his/her car with an animal sitting in the lap.
  • The animal should never come in between the steering wheel and the driver.
  • The animal is meant to be seated only in any particular part of the car.
  • While your vehicle is on the move, you should never lead or tease your animal.

However, there is no such restricting rule that states that you are not allowed to travel with your animal while it is sitting on the front seat of your vehicle, only if it is secured.

But, in the case, the vehicle meets with an accident in any way and the airbag explodes, your dog may end up getting seriously injured. So, it’s always recommended by our driving instructor in Dandenong to travel with your dog when it is in the rear seat.

When you are covering a long distance in your car, make sure you have a car harness and a seat belt attachment that can assure both the safety and comfort of your dog. For travelling with smaller dogs, it is recommended to travel with a pet booster seat or a pet basket.

Best Safety Tips for New Learners

An accident can happen anywhere in the road. However, according to a survey, almost 50% of all road collisions including fatal car accidents occur at the intersection points of the road. Here, Mukul Driving School shares some best safety tips that can help you avoid such mishaps.

Lets take a glimpse at all the road safety tips :

  • Whenever you are reaching to an intersection point, make sure you are on the appropriate side of the lane. Be watchful of blind spots created by the cars before you. In such cases don’t try to overtake, but stay behind keeping a safe distance.
  • In case you need to take a 90 degree turn at an intersection point, make sure to turn on the indicator (at least for 10 sec before) so that the trailing driver gets aware of your intentions.
  • Being distracted by phone while driving is one of the major causes of roadside or intersection collisions. That’s why we suggest to keep all distractions like conversing on the phone or listening to music, away while you drive.
  • If you’re are trailed by a car in front of you, try to match the pace of the car. Keep a sharp watch on their brake lights to determine when they will slow down and eventually stop.
  • If possible, never tailgate; as it impairs your vision and can pose a big risk of collision. Try to keep at least 1 car-length distance with a 3-4 second trailing gap from the car ahead of you.
  • Always keep your foot on the brake and try to maintain a straight line when looking to cross an intersection.
  • Remember to stay in your lane. Don’t change lanes in the roundabout. In case you need to change your lane, always take a look at the cars behind & in front of you.
  • Always keep a careful eye on the pedestrians and cyclists,especially in roundabouts as it can be potentially risky for them.
  • Keep alert of the vehicle in front of you. It may stop suddenly in the middle of the road and cause a fatal collision.

Your Skills Behind The Steering Wheel

So perfect your skills behind the steering wheel and knowledge about defensive driving techniques with our experienced driving school instructors in Dandenong.

Being a one of the leading driving schools in Dandenong; we teach our students all these crucial lessons to ensure they stay safe on the road. For more information about driving properly and safely through different intersections; consider enrolling for our driving lessons.