All our driving instructors at Mukul Driving School, favour dual control cars as it adds safety during their training. It features pedals on the passenger’s side of the car, in addition to the traditional set of pedals on the driver’s side. This Dual controls allow the driving instructor to stop the car (in case of an emergency) by using the extra pedals. This enables the instructor to stay in control of the vehicle at all times.

If it’s a manual dual control car, there will be two pedals on the passenger’s side: brake and clutch. If it’s an automatic dual control car, there will only be a brake pedal.

Why Do We Use Dual Control Cars for Learning ?

At Mukul Driving School we always keep our learners safe during our training classes. We know that sometimes new learners tend to make trivial mistakes out of nervousness or hesitancy or other road users might get impatient and do something that can lead to have a dire consequence for everyone involved.

In such worst case-scenario, our veteran instructors will be able to use the dual controls to stop the car and prevent anything dangerous from happening. It’s a great safety measure for learner drivers that minimizes the risk of an accident during lessons.