At Mukul Driving School, we understand that you may feel hesitant (especially if you’re a new-learner) to take the actual driving test (VicRoads) because of the nervousness and anxiety you feel about test-taking. That’s why our expert driving instructors will teach you all the proper techniques and tasks required to pass the test. Also, we will conduct a complete assessment over your learning before you go on to take the VicRoads driving test for license. Our assessment will help build your confidence.

This assessment will minutely review your driving skills and evaluates your specific trouble areas. We’ll show you exactly what to practice at home so that you achieve your driving license at first go. All the students receive a report that will show you how far you are from the test standard and the specific topics that still need to be focused on.

During the assessment, our driver trainer will also provide you the information you need. This ensures you have the necessary confidence and knowledge to be able to pass the driving test on the first attempt.

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