What is Log Book Supervision Driving ?

Log Book Driving Training is a mandatory supervisory training where an aspirant (learner driver) under the age of 21 are required to complete a ‘120 hours of supervised driving’ (including 20 hours at night) and record these hours in their learner log book.

This is a mandatory requirement as those learner drivers who do not accumulate 120 hours (at least 20 hours at night) training and have not been exempted from this requirement, will not be allowed to take the driving test and will be forced to forfeit their appointment and test fees.

Note :  Anyone aged 21 or older DOESN’T NEED to fill out a log book or complete any minimum amount of supervised driving.

What’s does the course cover ?

This mandatory course will help learn a learner driver (under the age of 21) the essential basic driving skills; educate them in safe driving techniques, explain how the Logbook works, save you and your car from some stress and most importantly, help keep them safe on the roads.

At Mukul Driving School, student safety is our prime priority. All of our practical training is conducted by fully qualified and registered driving trainers in dual-controlled vehicles.