If you’re looking forward to learn vehicle driving under expert care and guidance, Mukul Driving School has the best possible learning courses & veteran instructors at your convenience.

With our intensive vehicle training course, you will be taking professional driving lessons from our accredited driving instructors in which we will thoroughly guide you through every step of the way towards obtaining your licence at the earliest.

With our comprehensive driver training course, we will help you get to the skill-set required for passing the licence test at first go. This course will also provide you with the confidence and extended skill-set to make sure you are a competent and safe driver for life.

We take individual guidance to ensure that our driving training programs propels you to be a confident driver… not only in lucid conditions but also in the most congested roads as well. We also make sure that our students tend to be more focused, better prepared and have a higher success rate than other contemporary driving schools.

At Mukul Driving School, we incorporate the best practices for teaching these courses. We prioritize what the individual student needs to target in order to develop the essential skills required to be a specialist driver.


  • First-time Pass Guaranteed (T&C)
  • Special care & guidance for nervous learners to operate and drive safe on roads.
  • Express Driving test preparation to get your driving licence at one go.
  • Complete knowledge about all the on-road rules and regulation.
  • Supervised Logbook Training (for learners aged less than 21 years)
  • Refresher course according to learners’ requirement.
  • Freeway and countryside driving experience at students’ convenient timings.
  • City driving, hook turns and driving along with tram routes experience
  • Overseas licence changeover assistance.
  • Hazard Perception Guidance.
  • Specialised training for parallel reverse parking
  • Small Hatchback and Mid-size Cars
  • Latest Car Models with Dual Control facility
  • Customized Learners’ Packages (with ‘Five’ or ‘Ten’ Lessons)

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