Australia is undoubtedly a dog lover country and most of the people here love to drive with their canine pets. However, when it comes to the safety and security of the dogs, you must abide by some rules and regulations for driving with your pets in Dandenong.

Many on duty officer-in-charges (road police), have said that they had seen many people driving their car with their dogs on their laps and even worse their paws putting on the steering wheel.

In such cases, if the dog accidentally comes in front of the eyes of the driver, the driver’s view is likely to get obstructed and it can cause a fatal accident.

The same consequence can happen if the dog suddenly gets down to the accelerator and accidentally press it. The running car can go out of control within an instance and meet with an accident.

Anyway, let’s concentrate on the rules and regulations of travelling with your canine companion here listed out by our qualified driving instructor in Dandenong to make sure that you can stay away from the legal restraints at every cost.

The Basic Rules Include –

  • The driver should never drive his/her car with an animal sitting in the lap.
  • The animal should never come in between the steering wheel and the driver.
  • The animal is meant to be seated only in any particular part of the car.
  • While your vehicle is on the move, you should never lead or tease your animal.

However, there is no such restricting rule that states that you are not allowed to travel with your animal while it is sitting on the front seat of your vehicle, only if it is secured.

But, in the case, the vehicle meets with an accident in any way and the airbag explodes, your dog may end up getting seriously injured. So, it’s always recommended by our driving instructor in Dandenong to travel with your dog when it is in the rear seat.

When you are covering a long distance in your car, make sure you have a car harness and a seat belt attachment that can assure both the safety and comfort of your dog. For travelling with smaller dogs, it is recommended to travel with a pet booster seat or a pet basket.